Final Call for Season 1 Submissions!

It’s been a long few months since I last posted here on the blog. Since then, I’ve been busy talking with authors, networking with other podcasters and learning about the ins-and-outs of running a podcast and recording audio, and most importantly, I’ve been reading short story submissions from authors across the globe, form a wide variety of experiences, backgrounds, and walks of life. I’ve read some great ones, and some that didn’t grab me, but that’s how this game works. It’s been a good few months of hard work, and I’m grateful for the patience that everyone has shown me so far, but it’s time for a quick update – Season 1 is almost here! I’ve got a great group of stories to share with everyone, and will have real, live audio to share with the world very soon…. but before that happens, the submissions period has to close. And that day is almost here!

The deadline to submit to No Resemblance Season 1 is April 30th, 2016!

So, if you’ve put off submitting to No Resemblance, now is the time! There’s still room for an extra story or two to make it into Season 1, and my appetite for hearing from authors hasn’t diminished one bit. If anything, it’s grown. So take the plunge and send in your best stuff! Heck, send me that story that you secretly love but are afraid to submit because you think it’s “not good enough”. Audio isn’t necessarily about the best writing, but it’s absolutely about the best story.

Here’s a link to the submissions guidelines, in case you were looking for them.

And for everyone else who is waiting for stories to listen to – thanks for your patience! May is the magic month for No Resemblance to launch, so please, stay tuned! I promise it’ll be worth your while to listen.

Have a great week!



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